GA Skylight main objectives are to generate consistent return and capital gains for all its investors.


Our corporate services to business entities range throughout various stages - from formulation of strategic plans to Corporate Restructuring, Business Sharpening, Business Bridging and Fundraising Preparation. Coupled with a strong network in the industry, we match fit-for purpose solutions to meet ever- changing needs and demands.


Through evaluation of the relative merits of home market versus a cross-border listing, we prepare flexible work plans for getting companies ready to be listed and preparing them to behave and operate as public companies for at least one year before the IPO. Early preparation of private enterprises 12 to 24 months in advance before listing helps in gaining better shareholder value, makes the company attractive to employees, customers and business partners, enables timing of suitable listing entry and exit points, in addition to ensuring success as public companies when floated.


While helping companies configure for IPO Readiness, we inspect the entire company, from management team to sensitive accounts and business structure. This is key as only well run companies would be able to weather dynamic challenges and volatile marketplaces. Moreover, because of our thoroughness, we will be able to provide Professional, Accredited and Sophisticated Investors the opportunities to participate in high quality private equity and pre-IPO projects that we manage and consult. This additional peace of mind should impart an unrivalled investing confidence to them.


Prospects must demonstrate best-in class pedigree, leadership and sustainability before we commit investments. Depending on risk profiles as well as other variables, we also negotiate to have reasonable, targeted equity participation. This way, we will be able to ensure strategic alignment of interests for all parties.


As a Shariah Compliant firm, we provide advisory on Shariah Compliance and specialize in ISO implementation auditing, training and coaching through the adoption of internationally accepted management systems standards. With the global Shariah financial market boasting trillion dollar potential, we are able to offer investment solutions that are not only Shariah compliant, but also contribute meaningfully to our investors' religious aspiration as well as wealth ambition.



Our offer is unique. Our customized approach is unparalleled. Most importantly, our discretionary investment management service provides you with peace of mind - knowing that your wealth is in the hands of an innovative Shariah-compliant business and corporate advisory enterprise.

We are made up of Experienced Professionals who are familiar with the complexities related to significant, reliable capital preservation & profit distributions. Consequently, we are able to develop boutique investment plans tailored to your financial profile and risk appetite. To maintain and enhance our agility, we remain an Independent firm steered by investment veterans who provide dedicated, personalized services that focus on fostering long-term relationships.

As a growing organization, we continue to build a proven track record of operational and performance success across numerous asset classes. We strive to meet and exceed your aspiration to achieve your investment goals. We create target-specific investment plans and policies, utilizing both traditional and non-traditional strategies as sustainable building blocks of exciting, expansive investment portfolios.

Staying true to our foundation and living up to our motto, we do our best to perform reliably despite unprecedented circumstances.