About Us

GA Skylight Berhad is a leading business and consultancy enterprise that manages multiple asset classes, including private equity, credit and alternative instruments, with strategic partners and shareholders.

As investors with adaptive industry view, we aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, deploying high-quality human capital, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning our interests with those of our investment fraternity on a regular and consistent basis.

We often highlight the benefits of our structure and business model – which combine third party capital with our capital markets’ expertise – because we believe that GA Skylight Berhad continues to build something different for the future. We have a capital market business that provides an end-to-end range of services, from taking companies public to underwriting new deals, and to syndicating debt and selective equity opportunities.

Most importantly, we possess strategic capital in our funds, ready to deploy across a wide variety of asset classes for maximum impact. Individually, these funds and businesses generate reliable returns for our fund investors and shareholders, but when they are paired, they create a powerful, competitive advantage. We see our balance sheet as a unique differentiator, giving us the ability to align our interest with our fund investors, develop novel investment strategies, support existing ones, and enter into strategic transactions that position us favorably over the short, middle and long term.

With GA Skylight Berhad, you benefit from the depth and breadth of the entire enterprise. Through an integrated approach across industries, we offer innovative financial solutions and investment vehicles to help our stakeholders achieve their investment goals. We fulfill our mission one investor at a time, one company at a time.

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