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The Future of Investment

Skylight Group of Companies is a business corporate advisory and investment holding company.

Skylight Group of Companies possesses rich experience and proven expertise in scaling up companies in a sustainable, exciting manner. We believe in forging mutually advantageous relationships with our clients in areas such as funding and advisory. Leveraging on our regional and global network of investment opportunities, Skylight Group of Companies pursues winning propositions for our stakeholders.

With private companies scaling up via public involvement through various instruments such as share placement and equity subscriptions, significant value appreciation typically occurs during this stage. Attractive return profiles of many startups and pre-IPO offerings have exclusively been available to institutions, endowment funds and high net worth investors in the past, but Skylight Group of Companies seeks to change that via our extensive business networks.

With core competencies in building relationships and structuring novel business models, coupled with carefully designed commercial services and solutions, Skylight Group of Companies focuses on this asset category to build, and grow a robust and resilient growth performance

Our Vision

We work towards the creation of a better, sustainable tomorrow by providing win-win solutions to our valued customers, partners and to the world.

Our Mission

We pursue quality investment opportunities. We conduct in-depth assessments and risk analysis to ensure consistent, optimized investment portfolio.

Coupled with proven knowledge and experience as well as adopting and adapting rigorous investment principles predicating on type of industries, we are able execute a timely and market relevant investment analysis system that results in optimal outcomes for our clients.

Our Value

We diligently execute a responsible, systematic investment process.

We strive to innovate our products and services to improve as well as enhance revenue and profit streams for our investors and investees.

We aim to make the right global impact at the most opportune place and time.