Why Us?

Client Focus, Integrity, Team Work, Excellence

Why Are We Different

Through comprehensive assessment dealing into the business structuring, financial models, management strength, market acceptance, Skylight Investment Managers will track and qualify all upcoming IPOs and private projects for inclusion in our actively-managed fund portfolio.

Business Model

Before our team takes on any projects, the company has to go through several vigorous due diligences including Assessment of Financial Health, Business Model, Management Strength, Market and Broker Acceptance. The team and all-star advisory panel have decades of combined experience in the corporate advisory and business consultancy industry. While consulting the companies and conducting in-depth due diligences, we want to see through the whole company, from management team to the sensitive accounts and their business structure. And that's everything we need to judge whether the prospective project is worth our time growing it and investing into.

History & Strategy Formulation

When our founding partners invested into capital markets in the beginning, it's always somehow a 50/50 chance through our experiences - whether is it a personal investment or company investment. Why is that so? Simply because brokers and promoters always sell the good things about the projects and nothing negative. Knowing that investing in the right projects at its seed and pre-IPO phase will give us the fastest and biggest profit gain, we continue to pursue this path to find the real gems among them. Therefore, along the way we get to know more and more people in the industry, started to differentiate the good people from the rest, ongoingly expanding our networks of corporate advisors, lead managers, sponsors, lawyers, auditors and relevant professionals. With one goal in mind - to increase the 50/50 probability of making good returns and track records by being actively involved in the picture and managing the corporate and offering process ourselves.

Proven Methodology

With the proven & well-tested corporate methodology, GA consistently builds and maintains a compelling and proven growth strategy based on Performance. With the thorough due diligence involved in each project and most importantly the unrivalled confidence we have in the projects we engage in, GA truly combines all the essential ingredients of the successful corporate and investment model, it takes us months of due diligence before we are engaged into advising and consulting the client businesses and go "live" with any investment opportunity.

The Key Highlights


Investment managers are actively and closely involved in the IPO/RTO/M&A process


Compelling and established growth strategy based on performance


High double-digit annual growth consistently


Investment managers will confidently co-invest with their own money

Experience the exponential growth

Experience the exponential growth of Pre-IPOs and private placements. Based on a foundation of a well-tested and proven investment concept in a well-defined portfolio of pre-IPO, private placements and IPO structured products to provide:


Gain access from an alternative growth focused investment typically reserved for institutions and endowments


Gain exposure to pre-IPO companies and private placement projects across multiple industries


Portfolio stability with a foreseeable capital plan as compared to direct investments and traditional funds


All the essential ingredients to put the money into good use, and all are in the Global Asset team. High growth strategies built on solid ground, who employ a fundamental bottom-up approach and top-down asset allocation to execute investment opportunities around the globe.

The interests between the Investment Execution team and investors are in line. If the Investment Execution team will only be paid based on performance and success fee – only when we perform and benefit the investors, then will we get the biggest reward.

Our positive reputation was earned through our commitment and dedication and we will take all measures to maintain it. Our team guarantees that every details is being paid attention to, so you can enjoy consistent rewards. We will continue to uphold our professionalism, integrity and transparency. Our mission is to remain a trusted and dependable asset management provider and, we will continue to steer you in the direction of consistent profits.