What We Do

Growing With Capital Raising Architects

Clearly Defined Investment Directives

Each with geographical distinction, dedicated investment mandate with professional bodies managing it.

Each has its dedicated investment & risk management focusing on the specific underlying investment natures.

Australia: Pre-IPO / Private Placement / M&A deals
China FL: China Opportunities
HK: Equities & Venture Capital
Labuan: Emerging ASEAN Opportunity
Bahamas: International (excluding ASEAN) Investment Opportunities


Corporate Consultancy & Advisory

Our corporate services to business entities through various stages from formulation of strategic plans, Corporate Restructuring, Business Sharpening, Business Bridging to Fundraising Preparation. Coupled with a strong network in the industry, we are ready to understand and provide accordingly to requirement with solutions to meet the ever- changing needs.

IPO Readiness Management

A successful initial public offering (IPO) involves intensive planning and effort, both before and after the IPO date.

Through evaluation of the relative merits of the home market versus a cross-border listing, we help in preparing a work plan for getting a company ready to be listed and preparing them to behave and operate as a public company at least one year before the IPO.

Early preparation of private enterprises 12 to 24 months in advance before listing helps in getting better shareholder value, makes the company attractive to employees, customers and business partners, enables timing a suitable entry point, and in ensuring success as a public company when listed.

Investment Opportunities

While preparing the companies for IPO Readiness, we can see through the whole company, from management team to the sensitive accounts and their business structure. And that’s everything we need to judge whether the prospective project is worth investing into. As such, we will be able to provide Professional, Accredited and Sophisticated Investors the opportunity to participate in quality private equity and pre-IPO projects that we manage and consult, giving them an unrivalled investing confidence.

Equity Participation

It must be that good that we will put our own money in. We also negotiate to have an equity participation and commit these 'confidence money' to ensure complete alignment of interests that very few other can offer on his scale. We walk the talk and display

Shariah & ISO Advisory

As a Shariah Compliant firm ourselves, we provide advisory on Shariah Compliance and specialise in ISO implementation auditing, training and coaching through the adoption of internationally accepted management systems standards.