Investment Management

Reliable & Professional Fund Managers


In general, most economists and financial analysts foresee the market to be stagnant, if not on a downtrend... which is why instead of the typical stock equities and indices, we focus on specified instruments....

Portfolio Construction

After carefully screening potential special opportunities, the Manager will establish a relatively concentrated portfolio of investments.

The relatively concentrated portfolio will allow a close focus on managerial performance and developments in the relevant industry and the ability to adjust open positions accordingly.

Risk Management & Hedging

In line with the Fund’s objectives, it is important to apply a consistent framework of analysis and to apply a disciplined approach. The Manager believes this will optimise returns for a given level of risk. The Fund is entitled to short sell securities and hedge exchange exposure when appropriate. Investors must be aware that in doing so, the Fund may be exposed to significant risk. Such risk will be taken at the discretion of the Manager.

Investment Strategy & Criteria

The SPV aims to invest in any listed or soon to be listed opportunity that has potential to produce superior risk adjusted returns. It is important to note that the majority of investments will occur at the smaller end of the market.

The SPV aims to invest in a relatively narrow asset class, with the majority in the form of equity investment. From time to time, there may be other opportunities that the SPV may invest in, including but not limited to convertible notes, preferred equity and international equities.

The SPV is sector agnostic and is open to opportunities from a range of industries.

Regardless of capital structure, below we outline the criteria used by Global Asset to assess investment opportunities.