Skylight Performance Fund

Capital Growth Investment Fund
Fund Overview

Skylight Performance Fund

Experience the Exponential Growth of Pre-IPOs & Private Placement

Skylight Performance Fund (the “Fund” and together with its affiliates, “Skylight” or “we” or “us”) is a capital growth investment fund founded by an integrated operation and investment team of experienced business executives and corporate finance professionals.

With the explosive growth of private companies undertaking an IPO, a significant portion of the value appreciation (where the Fund seeks to capture) typically occurs during this phase. The attractive return profiles of many pre-IPO companies have typically only been available to institutions, endowments and high net worth investors. The Fund offers an effective means to access the pre-IPO and private placement asset class to pass the excellent growth performance for accredited investors.

Our primary focused sectors aim to capitalize on opportunities where we manage/co-manage/advise the IPOs/RTOs/M&As activities and placements and/or closely participate within the investment companies to provide:

Private companies, going for a liquidity event like M&A/IPO/RTO in only reputable exchange

Convertible Shares, Bonds & Loan Projects, backed by asset-based collaterals and structured with clearly defined exit strategies and timeframes to minimize risk

Private Placement on listed securities of high-growth focused and/or expanding companies


With the explosive growth of private companies undertaking an IPO, a significant portion of the value appreciation (where we at Global Asset seek to capture) typically occurs during this phase.


Start IPO Consultation Process, including Assessment of Financial Health, Business Model, Management Strength, Market Acceptance and more


To determine the GEMS among the good projects and companies


Global Asset will be able to invest at the best possible price


• Actively Involved and Managed
• Unrivalled Investment Confidence
• Excellent Investment Return


Skylight brings together an all-star external advisory team consisting of well-known business leaders and executives globally.

Global Asset
The Investment Manager

Global Asset prides itself as a boutique fund house by providing investors with straight-forward market investment solutions to global equities, foreign exchanges, IPOs and major asset classes. Global Asset eliminates the need for multiple investment platforms – giving both the professional and the novice investors an all-in-one investment solution.

Our strong client focus, disciplined investment processes, and dedication to innovation have established Global Asset as reliable and professional fund managers within an ever-competitive fund market.

The Banker & Fund Administrator

Regulated by the Central Bank of the Bahamas and the Securities Commission, The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited (incorporating The Winterbotham Merchant Bank), is a provider of solutions in banking, fiduciary services and fund administration.

Baker Tilly
The Auditor

BakerTilly International is the world's 8th largest accountancy and business advisory network by combined fee income of its independent members. It is represented by 154 firms in 133 countries with combined fee income of US$3.6billion and more than 27,000 people worldwide.

Lennox Paton
The Legal Counsel

Lennox Paton is a leading offshore commercial law firm with offices in The Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and London. It is widely recognised for its expertise, professionalism, responsiveness and commitment to excellence. We have a team of multi-faceted lawyers whose diverse backgrounds and talents contribute valuable knowledge, experience and creativity to the firm and its clients.

The firm's thorough knowledge of the business and legal environment enables it to attend professionally and effectively to its client's affairs. Lawyers in the firm are frequent contributors to various professional journals, speakers at conferences and seminars, members of Government and industry appointed task forces, committees and statutory bodies and are published authors.

The Global Advisory Professional Team

  • Australia & Singapore IPO Team
  • HK Licensed Asset Management (Type 9)
  • Labuan Licensed Fund Management
  • China Licensed International Financial Leasing Team
  • Bahamas Fund Administration & Legal Team
  • Germany & Austria Disruptive Technology Platform

All Star Advisory Panel

Skylight brings together an all-star external advisory team consisting of well-known business leaders and executives globally. This expertise in our focused sectors further adds specialization and knowledge to enhance performance and minimize risk.

In addition, our distinguished advisory team brings their own unique expertise and resources in their respective sectors to add value to our unique pre-IPO process.

Global Asset holds regular meetings with our advisors to share their industry insights and connections, while seeking their advice on portfolio company management. As well, these regular meetings aim to stay in touch with the latest industry trends in our focused sectors. Listening to what matters to our advisors is a key focus on delivering value for the end investor in meeting their changing needs.
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