Investment Opportunities

While preparing the companies for IPO Readiness, we can see through the whole company, from management team to the sensitive accounts and their business structure. And that’s everything we need to judge whether the prospective project is worth investing into. As such, we will be able to provide Professional, Accredited and Sophisticated Investors the opportunity to participate in quality private equity and pre-IPO projects that we manage and consult, giving them an unrivalled investing confidence.

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IPO Readiness Management

A successful initial public offering (IPO) involves intensive planning and effort, both before and after the IPO date. Through evaluation of the relative merits of the home market versus a cross-border listing, we help in preparing a work plan for getting a company ready to be listed and preparing them to behave and operate as a public company at least one year before the IPO. Early preparation of private enterprises 12 to 24 months in advance before listing helps in getting better shareholder value, makes the company attractive to employees, customers and business partners, enables timing a suitable entry point, and in ensuring success as a public company when listed.

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Corporate Consultancy & Advisory

Our corporate services to business entities through various stages from formulation of strategic plans, Corporate Restructuring, Business Sharpening, Business Bridging to Fundraising Preparation. Coupled with a strong network in the industry, we are ready to understand and provide accordingly to requirement with solutions to meet the ever- changing needs.

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Shariah & ISO Advisory

As a Shariah Compliant firm ourselves, we provide advisory on Shariah Compliance and specialise in ISO implementation auditing, training and coaching through the adoption of internationally accepted management systems standards.

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GA Skylight Berhad (GASB) is a business corporate consultancy and advisory holdings company. GASB brings experiences and expertise in scaling up companies and believes in forming long term relationships with its clients be it on funding, advisory or support. Leveraging on its extensive network for investment opportunities globally and regionally, GASB will then seek to negotiate and structure a framework that is a win-win to all its stakeholders, clients and investors.

With the explosive growth of private companies scaling, a significant portion of the value appreciation (where GASB seeks to capture) typically occurs during this phase. The attractive return profiles of many startup and pre-IPO companies have typically only been available to institutions, endowments and high net worth investors.

With the core competencies on building relationships, along with carefully crafted and curated services and solutions, GASB accesses this asset class to achieve the excellent growth performance.

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A Pure Focus On InvestingWe provide investment management that is solely focused on delivering high-conviction portfolio solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Delivering SolutionsWe focus on finding the answers you need and we draw on the best of our capabilities and insights to deliver a solution that’s right for you. This defines the way we think.

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Geographical ReachWe can connect to parts of the investment world most relevant to you. We‘re with you locally yet truly global.


Recent Investment Records (2016 to date)

Our highly distinguished performance track record utilizing our unique pre-IPO and private placement investment methodology has delivered excellent and strong returns.

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Entry: June 201616c
August 2016 (IPO)20c
September 2016 (High)37c
Exit: September 201629c
Highest 10-10-2017$1.055
Entry: February 20166c
Exit: June 201617c
Highest 05-01-201847c
Acquired 15% by BlackRock (August 2017)
Entry: Mid-Dec 20165c
01-02-2017 (Open)6c
01-02-2017 (High)6.3c
Exit: Mid-Feb 20176.2c
Highest 28-07-20177.5c
1st Entry: July 201610c
2nd Entry: Dec 2016 (IPO)20c
11-01-2017 (IPO Open)35c
11-01-2017 (High)43c
11-01-2017 (Close)40c
Entry: September 201610c
19-06-2017 (IPO Open)20c
Highest 17-11-2017$1.28


“ We provide investment management services that help institutions and individuals succeed in markets all over the world. We are a truly global firm that combines the benefits of worldwide reach with local service and relationships.”

“ We deliver expertise, scale, trust and the strength of our client experience. Our values of client focus, integrity, teamwork and excellence guide the decisions we make and transactions we process.”


Past performance does not guarantee future results. The performance data quoted represents past performance and current returns may be lower or higher. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.


Investments in Skylight Performance Fund are subjected to investment risk, including possible loss of the principal amounts invested. The Fund invests in companies that are going for initial public offerings, private placements in listed company and private projects. These stocks are unseasoned equities lacking trading history, a track record of reporting to investors and widely available research coverage which many result in price volatility.

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